Sunday, February 12, 2012


So this almost became my second week without a post!  Apologies all around, including myself.

Last week my laptop died. Incredibly upsetting considering all the photos, videos, music and inspiration I've been amassing for years that I now don't have access too. To try and stick to my once a week posting I pulled out some fabric to start cutting for a new quilt. Oh wait! All my quilt patterns are on my laptop. Fail. Then I pulled out some leather and my new bag sketches, but I was feeling really lost as to where to start. My new designs are based on art deco architecture and are very structured... so I walked away from that too, hoping that if I left it on the kitchen counter I would come back to it. Then a week went by...

This weekend was filled with a very exciting trip to Niagara on the Lake for a wine and chocolate tasting tour. For the low price of $30 you can visit all 28 participating wineries over the course of all the weekends in February. Each winery works with a local master chocolatier who creates a unique chocolate treat to pair perfectly with the wine that is being featured. DELICIOUS! Since I live too far from NotL to go back every weekend, me and my 2 girlfriends decided to jam as many tastings into the weekend as possible... we managed 13! I bought more wine than I expected to, but it was too good to pass up! It was a fantastic weekend and I highly recommend anyone in the area to check it out (it happens every year)! There is still time this year to go as well, and if you're interested you can click here: awesome wine and chocolate tasting.

Anywho, when I got home this afternoon I thought I'd dive into trying to make a bag again. I looked over my sketches, and now I dislike all of them (typical)! Then I thought I'd look at all my salvaged leather and hopefully get some inspiration from that... but a lot of it was still in clothing form and it quickly became overwhelming. Solution: cut it up! So all afternoon I've been cutting my leather into workable pieces. Once I get my inspirational images off my laptop I'm hoping I can jump start this leather bag nonsense and plan a bag party for the near-ish future!

Well that's all for now. I'm on Jeff's laptop and I know I've overstayed my welcome haha. Thanks for letting me use your laptop dearest!

I shall update sooner than later this week.


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