Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vintage Shopping Adventure! (pic heavy)

Last weekend my friend Lisa and I set out on a vintage adventure! I was really excited because we would be stopping by my favourite place Lovesick (owned by my equally favourite person Kim!), but also checking out 2 new (to me) places: Mesh Boutique, and The Sentimentalist.

We began at Lovesick, and after saying hey to Kim I started grabbing clothes off the racks and sending them back to Lisa in the change room. (I grabbed a few goodies for myself of course!) Kim has great taste and has curated a really fun treasure hunt of unique, new and vintage clothes and accessories. I highly recommend popping in whenever you have a chance, but to really find those special gems you might want to give yourself a little bit of time to go on the hunt. There is SO much stuff, and it's all wonderful!

And now for your viewing pleasure, here is a selection of items I have acquired from Lovesick over the years (including last weekend!).

My red, blue and yellow dresses, blue bag, and black and white rope knotted belt/necklace are all from Lovesick.

Next on our adventure was Mesh Boutique. This store has been around for awhile, and has changed owners quite a few times. In its current vintage/consignment glory it is owned by Rex, who also has really great taste and is super nice! I walked around with a vintage fox fur scarf the entire time I was there, but ended up leaving it behind, mainly because I knew I probably wouldn't wear it over all the colourful, easier to maintain scarves and pashminas I own.

I found this amazing 1950's A-line coat with beaded embroidery on the lapels. I wanted this coat SO BAD, but I also left it behind (although I am really kicking myself about this one). This photo is not the greatest, but the store was fairly busy and I didn't want to take up too much room or time... it is much more amazing in person. And if you have bought this coat, I am quite jealous!!

Last stop was The Sentimentalist. This is a new vintage store to London, which opened late 2011. We actually couldn't find it the first few times walking up and down Richmond between Dundas and King. For anyone looking for this place, it is a second floor location on the east side of Richmond, look for the funky door and the sign on the sidewalk.

We found some fun hats, and clothing (which were mostly vintage lady sizes, like this amazing 70's extremely long skirt!) but I was able to fit into this men's plaid shirt which I fitted with a belt and turned into a shirt dress! I also picked up some vibrant leather/suede scrapes for my bags!

I'm SO happy that London has some great second hand and vintage clothing stores! Go check them out next time you are wandering around downtown. I will warn you though, it's extremely hard to leave empty handed!

I guess I forgot to mention this, but Lisa did end up picking up a few gems herself. She bought both the dress and the burnt orange envelope handbag in the photo below, as well as another bag, and a fantastic hot pink belt, all from Lovesick!

Doesn't she look cute?

Well that's all I've got for today. I'll update everyone on the one shoulder dress when I've got that mess sorted out!

Have a great evening!

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