Monday, January 16, 2012

I did it!

Ms. Marilyn Monroe doing her own hair!

To all my friends and family (and strangers) that I told about my upcoming year of blogging... I finally did it! I'm here, posting my ramblings and adventures for the whole world to see :)

For everyone and anyone reading this, here's the deal:
- I love to design and sew
- I love fashion and people with unique personal style
- I love vintage everything
- I love to procrastinate

So what does this have to do with you? Well, this blog is a way to hold me accountable for all those times I've said that I was going to change my evil procrastinating ways and there is the added benefit of helping my bank account recover from the years of spending abuse.

The plan:
(Cry and wonder what the hell I've gotten myself into)
1. Make my own clothing. I did this way back in highschool and loved how everything fit me exactly, and considering how much I love vintage styles yet do not have a vintage figure (yet!), or a proper vintage curating income, I'll have to make it!
2. Make (and post!) 1 item every week for an entire year. This includes finishing some of my quilts, but is mostly meant to light a fire under my butt to finally work on my upcycled leather handbags.
3. Stop buying new clothes. I've had a lot of back and forth on this one... and I think I've come to accept these terms:
     - I can buy things I cannot make, as long as I NEED them (underthings, shoes, sunglasses...)
     - I can buy clothing if it is vintage, or a needed second hand item
     - I can buy items that are handmade by awesome people with awesome styles :)

So, there it is. Feel free to hold me to everything I just told you (I'm probably going to need you to hold me to everything I just told you haha).

Day 1: Create blog - Done. Wow that was easy, time for a Starbucks break! haha Juuust joking bank account!

P.S. I'll make this blog a bit prettier as soon as I can. Promise!


  1. Hey Hol! So cool you've launched your blog spot on MY BIRTHDAY! I'm looking forward to your posts. By the way, procrastination runs in the family. It's in your genes. You come by it naturally. Cheers!
    Auntie V

  2. You've definitely come by procrastination naturally. I didn't realize we had so much in common!! Most of your goals are the same that I have set for myself...I am in the process of de-owning (decluttering and downsizing) and finishing quilt tops, etc. I have a blog as well...just need to stop procrastinating about posting on it! lol Will keep checking up on you ;-)