Saturday, January 28, 2012

The One Shoulder Knit Dress

Is everyone ready for this?

Clearly I have forgotten that making quilts and pillows is not the same as making clothing. An obvious oversight on my part... which lead to this hilarious creation.

About this dress: On first glance it looks pretty normal doesn't it? Look again. See those "flaps" at the side of the bust? That is the seam allowance... on the outside of the RIGHT SIDE of the dress. Yep that's right. I sewed half of the dress together inside out. Easy enough to fix, but a pain in the butt. 

Things I learned:
1. A flat pattern does not fit a human being. This adjustable Judy has been in my basement for probably almost a year now, left by my friend Peggy who I was going to teach to sew (maybe she'll rethink her teacher after seeing this haha). I did not take advantage of this until after I finished putting it all together, which is a newbie mistake. From now on, I will always use this (until Peggy takes it back!).

2.  Don't sew at 10:00pm on a Sunday. Another obvious point, this is definitely when I start making many simple mistakes that go sight unseen until well into the end of the project. I just never learn!!

3. I strongly dislike sewing with light weight jersey!! It stretches too much, it doesn't stay put, and it shows every mistake (using a white fabric probably really amplifies this). Never again light weight jersey, never again! That said, I would definitely sew this pattern again, but try a heavier jersey weight or another stretch blend.

(Note: Everything that went wrong with this dress is my own human error and has nothing to do with the pattern or instructions. It was a very easy to follow design, I just can't follow instructions haha)

About the pattern: I downloaded this pattern from If you like to sew or want to learn and are interested in sewing up some clothes, getting inspiration from other peoples creations, and learning about techniques and pattern drafting this is the place to go! I joined years ago, and the community is so large now it's amazing. There are both free and pay for patterns to choose from. If you click this "One Shoulder Knit Dress" it will take you directly to the pattern and you can download it for free and make it yourself! Thanks to dixiediy for providing this pattern.

I shall post the completed, none inside/outside dress after I fix it up this weekend!

Have a great weekend!


  1. So funny, the inside-outside dress! You keep the bust, I'll come back to learn from you some day. Her name is Ruby (the bust that is)

  2. Well Hon;

    You could have just said that you were making a french seam. You sew the dress inside out & then you turn it with the wrong side & sew another seam. It is great for encasing a seam that could fray. It would be prefect for a jersey fabric.
    Keep up the good work. Oh by the way you already know how to sew!!!!
    Love Mom